Your Pocket Entertainment Hub: iPhone 15’s Exciting Utility Features

Your Pocket Entertainment Hub: iPhone 15's Exciting Utility Features

The iPhone 15 hasn’t launched yet, but hints about its features are starting to emerge. One of the most intriguing rumors suggests it could improve battery life by 35%.

Another rumor says it will switch from the Lightning port to USB-C. That would allow for faster data transfer speeds and MagSafe charging.


A new feature called Private Relay is coming with iOS 15, and it’s designed to protect user privacy. It lets you choose what you want to store in iCloud and which apps can access that data. You can also choose whether you want to store your location in iCloud, and you can restrict the locations where you’re willing to share your information.

One of the most interesting rumors for iPhone 15 concerns USB-C, ip15 128gb which is expected to replace the Lightning port on all models. That’s partly because of European regulations that require manufacturers to use the same connector for charging ports, which is supposed to cut down on e-waste. Apple may also be able to make the switch because of MagSafe support, which is said to be inching toward replacement with the new standard.

Another change may be the new mute button on Pro models. A leak from Twitter user ShrimpApplePro based on leaked CAD images suggests it’ll be a single, elongated button instead of two separate ones. Depending on what you set as the default action, it can toggle your mute setting or perform other actions, like opening the camera app, turning on the flashlight, activating Low Power Mode, taking a screenshot or screen recording, Shazam, and Shortcuts.


The Camera app has a variety of settings that let you customize your experience. You can change the focus point, enable auto-focus lock, take multiple pictures at a burst rate, and set a timer to capture the perfect moment.

Apple’s cameras are one of the company’s main selling points. In fact, many buyers choose a phone based on its camera specs alone. So, it’s no surprise that the iPhone 15 lineup is rumored to get some big upgrades on this front.

For starters, a new 48-megapixel sensor could make the jump from Pro iPhones to all models. This sensor is reportedly a state-of-the-art affair that roughly doubles the saturation signal level in each pixel. That should help the iPhone 15 series to better handle backlit scenes and reduce overexposure in bright conditions, while also fighting against underexposure in dark ones.

Another rumor claims that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will get a new periscope zoom lens. This telephoto lens will reportedly add 2X lossless zoom when using the cropped sensor. It would be a big upgrade over the current 1X optical zoom on vanilla iPhone 14 Pro phones. Finally, a rumor from MacRumors suggests that the A17 Bionic chip used in the iPhone 15 will have improvements in energy efficiency, which should result in better battery life.

Time lapse

The iPhone has a built-in time lapse feature that lets you create an incredible video that speeds up the movement of a scene over time. It’s easy to use, and you can even add music to the finished video.

The Camera app has a simple time lapse shooting mode that you can access by tapping the shutter button and selecting Time Lapse from the shooting modes menu. This shoots a few frames each second, and saves the photos to your iPhone’s Photo Library. You can also use the video editing tools in the Photos app to add a soundtrack and other effects.

For the best results, you should lock focus and exposure before recording a time lapse. This prevents the camera from trying to automatically refocus or adjust the brightness of the image during shooting. Both the iPhone’s Camera app and the Hyperlapse app let you do this by tapping and holding the screen. A padlock icon appears on the screen when focus and exposure are locked. Another app that allows you to do this is OSnap, which has a free version and a paid upgrade that adds features like voice-over recording and unlimited projects.

Blendeo is another great app that gives you ultimate control over your time lapses. It can mine any video in your iPhone’s Photo Library and apply slow down, speed up, and motion blur effects.